Monday, November 17, 2008

Good Search

Okay, maybe I'm behind the times but in case I'm not, let me tell you about GoodSearch. You simply enter in the charity you want to support and then use the website just like Google. Every time you search the internet, GoodSearch donates money to the charity of your choice. You can even add a GoodSearch to your internet toolbar. Awesome! I've set mine to benefit Living Water International. I encourage you to use Goodsearch from now on.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How to Make a Chalkboard Book

When my mother visits, it is always with a bag of goodies in hand. Her latest visit included miscellaneous toys, a few hair clips....and some Chalkboard Wallies (they also come in lots of other colors and shapes). I have always wanted some Wallies but I've never gotten around to ordering them or remembering to look for them at the store but now I had two packages to use...YES!!!

We cut out the shape of a man and a thought bubble to put on the side of a bookcase...and then added some ocean waves to the end of his crib...but I had several sheets left over. I sat for awhile...thinking of what I should do and then my eye fell on Isaiah's collection of board books!

He has one particular board book I can't stand: it has animals wearing clothes and talking to each other. Ugh! It pained me whenever he grabbed that book for me to read. But I now had a way to make it cool in spite of itself.

I traced the outline of the book on the back of the Wallie sheet (I was able to make four pages from one sheet), cut them out and stuck them on the pages of the board book. It was so easy! The best part is that when he gets tired of his awesome chalkboard book, I can simply peel off the Wallies and stick them somewhere else. We know have a portable art station that will never run out of paper (and Scrap is a great place to pick up chalk for super cheap). Isaiah loves it! We take it in the car, to doctor appointments and to visit relatives.

It seems like you would be able to do the same thing with Chalkboard paint if you lightly sanded the board book pages before applying the paint. Let me know if you try it...I would love to hear how it turned out!

I knit my bit

Tragedy and famine have hit my house...and all because Andy brought home a knitting book. I know, I know...I should have stopped him right then and there but I didn't and now my family and household are suffering. Activities that once brought me joy (or at least got done) such as cleaning, cooking, and social outings have all taken a backseat while I discover new knitting patterns and stitches.

It wouldn't be all bad if I knit useful items such as socks, blankets or even toys but alas, I knit trinkets and doodads. There is no usefulness in the bits I knit (which is probably why I enjoy it so much). In a vain attempt to salvage some purpose from my two wasted days, I will post pictures and update my neglected blog.

The Bracelet
I discovered the Moss stitch in the first few pages. I had grand visions of a slender (but obscenely long) scarf made out of red pima cotton from Peru. Five minutes into it my vision had changed...into a rather cuff-like bracelet. The results satisfied but the labor intense.

Up in the Air
The Checker stitch beckoned next. I have no idea what I am making but I am contently enjoying the process.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.