Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I knit my bit

Tragedy and famine have hit my house...and all because Andy brought home a knitting book. I know, I know...I should have stopped him right then and there but I didn't and now my family and household are suffering. Activities that once brought me joy (or at least got done) such as cleaning, cooking, and social outings have all taken a backseat while I discover new knitting patterns and stitches.

It wouldn't be all bad if I knit useful items such as socks, blankets or even toys but alas, I knit trinkets and doodads. There is no usefulness in the bits I knit (which is probably why I enjoy it so much). In a vain attempt to salvage some purpose from my two wasted days, I will post pictures and update my neglected blog.

The Bracelet
I discovered the Moss stitch in the first few pages. I had grand visions of a slender (but obscenely long) scarf made out of red pima cotton from Peru. Five minutes into it my vision had changed...into a rather cuff-like bracelet. The results satisfied but the labor intense.

Up in the Air
The Checker stitch beckoned next. I have no idea what I am making but I am contently enjoying the process.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Steph said...

Loving the Moss Stitch! Maybe a cozy slipper sock with the checker stitch?? Of course scarves are always a good stand by too.

CC said...

Mwhahaha! He had evil plans I tell you!!