Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Isaiah and I passed the afternoon by playing with cars and learning about pockets. I was laying on the couch (trying to be passively involved in the playing) while Isaiah zoomed his car up and down my leg. Suddenly, he looked at my face and said, "Mommy, pocket. Pocket, mommy." He then proceeded to shove his toy truck in my pocket only to retrieve it a moment later. He paused and then said, "My pocket, mommy." And I tried to explain that he had no pockets because he was only wearing his boxers (yes, he was partially clothed for a change). But before I could explain completely, he spied his fly, and exlaimed "POCKET!" In went the truck, off went the boy and closed went mommy's eyes.


Michelle said...

Ha!!!!!! Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!
THAT is REALLY funny.

Lisa said...

Love it!!! So FUNNY!