Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Human Slavery

While doing my usual StumbleUpon, I found this awesome website: Chain Store Reaction.
It has about 80 popular companies that you can choose to send the following email:

As a loyal customer who has appreciated and purchased your product(s), I ask that you join me in the fight to eradicate slavery and human trafficking. Like me, you probably didn’t know that there are 27 million slaves* in the world today, most of whom work in agriculture and mining.

That means I’m likely wearing, eating, driving, or using a product tainted by slavery. What’s more, without the ability to know where a company’s raw materials originate, a company can’t be sure it’s not inadvertently selling products produced, at least in part, by slaves.

I know this criminal practice is not your fault as sure as I know we all share a responsibility to end it. I know that responsibly eradicating slavery from a supply chain as diverse as yours is neither quick nor simple, and I promise to support your brand through the mistakes, discoveries, and growing pains intrinsic to really addressing this problem. All I ask is that you begin.

Now, I sure love your company, but if one of your competitors chooses to take on this fight against slavery and you sit it out—well then, I’ll buy from them instead. As good as you are, if I have to choose between you and freedom, freedom wins every time.

Please fill out this questionnaire to this letter listing out some of the specific, tangible things that your company could do to help end slavery around the world.

On behalf of 27 million global citizens and a lot more American Consumers, I eagerly await your response,

Until we’re all free,

Laura Mo

I would strongly encourage you to check out the website and to learn more about human slavery. It happens everywhere. I plan to send an email to every company on their website who has not provided a response and I will also send a letter concerning human slavery to my Representative and Senator.

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