Monday, December 15, 2008

Composting Toilet

I am always trying to find the next thing I want to "green" in our house. So far we've done everything from insulating the house to adding a toilet tank sink (I'll save the last one for a future post). I think I have found my next "green" item: a composting toilet.

Okay, okay...I know what you're thinking: GROSS!

Let me lay out my plan for you...

Eventually we want to take our master bathroom and cut it in half. We want to keep a very small bathroom connected to our room but make the other half a laundry/mud room that you access through the living room. Sounds great, right? Wrong...we would have to re-plumb the entire space just to move the toilet. That's where the composter is genius: no pipes, you just plug it in.

As I understand it, 90% of what goes in the toilet, leaves as water vapors and gasses. You're probably thinking about how stinky that sounds...but it gets better. Composting toilets rely on micro organisms and a heater to quickly deal with material. And as a bonus, it has a fan to propel all of those vapors and gases out the vent. Apparently, if your composting toilet stinks, something is wrong.


Michelle said...

Joy and Chris Dennis bought one when they were going to live in the school bus... you should talk to them about it. They may still have it.

Laura Mo said...

Thanks, Michelle...we've been trying to find someone who has used/owned one.

Leisha said...

You're brave.

(Immediately after I typed that, I thought: that actually sounds way more sanitary than the pit latrines I use all the time in E. Africa.)

Lisa said...

I think my friends in E. Oregon might have one... they live out in the boonies... They were trying to build as "green" as they could. You'll have to keep us posted on how it all turns out!