Friday, December 5, 2008

Homemade laundry soap results

I have now done several loads using my homemade laundry soap....and I love it!!! I decided to go with the dry mix (didn't have to worry about a two gallon bucket) and made a double batch. Grating the soap was the hardest part but when all was said and done, it only took five minutes to throw together (that counts the grating of the soap).

My clothes come out as clean as when I used commercial soap but they are much softer (and we don't even use dryer sheets...more on that later). Isaiah tends to have sensitive skin but he has been fine (we even did some of his blankets and sheets). I'm still going to buy commercial soap for the cloth diapers but I am doing some research on diaper friendly homemade soap. I would love to hear if you made any laundry soap and any tips/tricks/comments you might have.


Sarah said...

i just stocked up at winco yesterday. i'm totally gonna get that together. soon. someday soon.

i just stumbled across a blog yesterday that had info for washing have to scroll down a bit cause its pretty far down there...hmmmm here's the link:

CC said...

Still need to tell me where to buy the ingredients....

If you tell me I'll bribe you with 2 new toys for your kids.

And a coffee date with you too (if you want!).

Laura Mo said...

You can find them at Winco. Stoked to get the two toys and a coffee date!

Andrew said...


Were you able to do any research about the difference between the technical/legal differences on soaps that list fragrance as an ingredient vs. soaps that list perfume as an ingredient?

I understand that frangrance has pheremones, what about perfume?

Leisha said...

Hey, I'm going to see you in Snugglers on Sunday, right?

I can't wait to catch up with you!

Anonymous said...

I think you mean Phalates

Andrew said...

Yes, I mean phalates. . .or it is pilates? ;-)

Lisa said...

Made the soap today!! My kitchen smelled like Zote - but, that wasn't a bad thing. :) Breanna said it smelled nice. Scott was impressed with the amount that it made -- and that it was all gel-like. :) Tomorrow afternoon the 24 hour "wait period" is up so, I'll have to do a some laundry (which my family will thank me for!) to see how it goes! :)

CC - I found the washing soda ONLY at winco, Borax is everywhere, Zote at Target. :)