Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Flashback I didn't see Coming...

Does anyone remember Bravestarr??? Andy and I were reminiscing about cartoons of our youth when Andy pulled Bravestarr out of the blue. I had never heard of this cartoon! Andy claimed to even have a toy horse from the series. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we were able to find it on Hulu. Why not watch a couple of episodes, right?

Holy Crap! That is one wacko cartoon! Just watch the intro and you'll see what I mean! According to IMDB, the show debued in 1987. It is about an American cowboy who has to protect New Texas from renigade robots. It is so strange to watch! I can't believe my husband, who was only allowed to watch Nova, was allowed to watch it!

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wendy said...

Sounds like you've been cooped up at home with Andy too long! Come over to my house, and we'll talk crazy cartoons from my generation: (booming voice) "the Power of Grayskull!!" and all that jazz. ;)